nu-clear drumandbass patrick d artist info

artist name: patrick d aka plan d
real name: patrick
styles: drumandbass, hard-, noise-, breakcore

DJ Patrick D. started to spin records in 1989 when acid/house came over to Europe. After several experiences in different styles of hip hop and dance floor, the musical path led back to techno in 1992, which was separating itself into different directions like hardcore and breakbeats. Since then he moved on along the hard side of techno, most activities appeared in hardcore techno / gabber. Besides performing, the intention was to create entire events in a non-commercial environment, which was in fact not very easy to do. All the same, a lot of parties took place; underground, actually always illegal, like the legendary Antiparade, which goes against Zurich's Streetparade since 1996…
in 1997, Patrick D.'s musical appearance got highly contaminated through drumandbass, which is still his pursuited maincourse..
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