nu-clear drumandbass moguaï artist info

artist name: moguaï
real name: alex
date / place of birth: lourdes (france) / 25. nov. 1979
styles: drumandbass, techno, minimal, techhouse
Arrived in Zurich 1995, it was essential for me to learn German in order to begin a new life. After 2 years, I started hanging around with a hardcore-band called "censored" in which my brother Sergio aka Shiraa was the singer. It was him who made me discover Drum & Bass in 1997 and from then on we went from party to party during the next 3 years. After a good moment of reflection, Shiraa and I started sharing our turntables and a band-room together with his ex-band censored. All this was very exciting and I got really addicted. After six months, we played in a bar the first time, then at a party, then another... Thereafter we met Patrick D., who first only played together with us on djradio and then, we formed a drumandbass crew called nu-clear. We started organizing some open-airs and other events. What the future will bring to us, I can't tell you; this is only the beginning.
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